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Premium Spring Arm Single, Hardware Only - 24"W

# BBAN-24 2 day production time$91.85 - $118.96 | Min Qty 1

Our Boulevard Banners can also be added to indoor events when there is a pole available too, so they are perfect for trade shows as well. Place it high, so people can see it from any location at the event. Turn the avenue banner into a beacon to call your customers over to your booth.

The boulevard banner is a great way to have fun with advertising and displaying information. There are a lot of traditional ways that work too when it comes to advertising, however adding in some spice and something different will really get your company, organization or group noticed by everyone. Create sales adds with the boulevard banner or a way to direct people to your location too. Advertise new products or services when you have them available. The Street banner offered by us is the perfect choice to advertise your company, event or organization everywhere and very simple too. The sleek and professional design is simple to use and easy to install on lamp posts, light posts, flag poles, and other free-standing poles in the area.

Our Boulevard Banners are perfect since the banners can be changed out as necessary. Advertise your business while also decorating for the holidays too is as easy as replacing the banner. Adding some flair to your banner will make sure that customers and people passing by will take notice. Our banners are very easily attached to the pole and very light weight too. They go up quickly and can be removed just as easily as well; not to mention that they can be changed out to match anything that is happening at the time.

Includes: Hardware Only, Graphics is sold seperatly

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